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The Turkish style ground coffee website is not “just another Turkish coffee website”. It’s Mario Baker’s contribution to coffee lovers’ society, in a coffee niche which is not well known to the majority of coffee drinkers.

Turkish style coffee doesn’t require fancy or expensive equipment. It calls for a simple (and not expensive) but special coffee pot (“cezve”) and the right grind of coffee (powder). The rest is personal technique and experience.

The aim of Turkish style ground coffee website is to introduce you (in depth) to the oldest coffee drink of the world and how people enjoy it today.

Cultural issues are also very important and here you will get in touch with them in many different ways.

Turkish Style Ground Coffee Content

What you will find here:

  • Historical facts and various Turkish coffee recipes (from the authentic one coming from Turkey plus other nations’ regional variations).
  • The Best videos that I find from different Internet sources to demonstrate either helpful tutorials or just as a supportive/educated material to the article’s subject.
  • Special tips to improve your skills in Turkish style coffee making procedure.
  • Suggestions for the best utensils needed to save you money and time (small specialty stores).
  • Mini-series articles on general coffee education (from growth to shelf).
  • Last BUT NOT least my popular Turkish coffee reading dedicated to all my visitors who want to finish the entire story about Turkish coffee. FREE list of symbol is also available.


My family used to own a traditional coffee shop when I was a youngster. So I worked there making and serving thousands of coffees to a knowledgeable clientele. I learned a lot of things from my little mistakes.

Mario BakerI’m Mario Baker, and I am interested in helping coffee addicts to learn the secrets of Turkish style coffee. Not theoretically (there are plenty of websites that already do that –unfortunately unsuccessfully) but practically with real experience and thorough knowledge of the subject.

So if you already know the basics of Turkish coffee brewing or you want to take your skills to the next level then positively you’re in the right place.

Don’t hesitate to CONTACT me.

  • I read all email that comes through my inbox. I respond to each and every one. It may take a while, but I will personally respond. 

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