Greek Coffee Store – Online Place For Greek Ground Coffee 

Greek coffee storeMy Greek coffee store has variable choices for authentic Greek ground coffee.

The online stores with the biggest variety are AMAZON & EBAY.

I checked both of them (US & UK) in order to satisfy people from Europe as well.

After all, it was a request that was hanging there for a lot of time.  

Mostly from people who needed this type of coffee for my email cup reading sessions.

In the long run I gave a lot of emphasis on Price in this research.

The same product most of the times has different prices (!) even in the same store.

So, I investigated each situation separately before picking the best item.

As you understand the following list is NOT a default automatic one from any of the above stores.

I have studied their lists extensively before finalizing mine.

My long experience on Greek coffee making also assisted me a lot to pick up the best available choices.

Above all, this specialty Greek coffee store will open new horizons in your online shopping.

It will show you the heart of the best deals on Greek ground coffee.

  • 35+ unique Greek coffee choices (various brands) that will positively surprise you.

ADVICE: Do you know how to make the perfect Greek coffee?”

If you are not sure then this is the correct time to take a look at my authentic recipe.

Get all the necessary hints and tips in a single webpage.


Start your shopping journey by exploring the 3 most selling Greek brands globally.

(1) Loumidis (established since 1920).

Have a look at their website to absorb many interesting facts about the history of coffee in Greece.

Today it operates as a food distributor rather than just coffee manufacturer.


Papagalos Loumidis Greek coffee Loumidis papagalos greek coffee 16 oz Traditional Greek Coffee Loumidis Loumidis Greek coffee


Greek coffee papagalos Loumidis Greek coffee 200g Loumidis Greek coffee uk Papagalos Loumidis ground Greek coffee
Loumidis Greek coffee loumidis papagalos greek coffee loumidis traditional greek coffee Loumidis greek coffee uk


loumidis greek coffee 96g LOUMIDIS PAPAGALOS TRADITIONAL GREEK COFFEE Greek Traditional Coffee Papagalos Loumidis Loumidis coffee

(2) Bravo (established since 1923).

Equally important to Loumidis is the Bravo coffee company.

It’s responsible for spreading of ready ground coffee to Greek households. Especially during the difficult times of regional wars.

In its comprehensive website you will taste sweet memories of the past as well as spectacular moments of our times.

Below you can check out the 3 main sizes that are available from AMAZON & EBAY.

Bravo Greek coffee Greek coffee Bravo Bravo Greek coffee uk Bravo classic Greek coffee
Bravo classic Greek coffee Classic Greek coffee Bravo Bravo coffee from Greece
Small size Bravo Greek coffee Bravo coffee Kafes Bravo New Bravo Greek coffee

(3) Venizelos (established in the early 20th century).

This is a USA based Greek coffee business.

George K. Callas, a Greek US immigrant, started selling small packages of “Venizelos” coffee at New York harbor.

His customers were the newly-arrived Greeks who wanted to work in the New World.

Callas soon established a Greek coffee roasting business that dominated the USA Greek coffee market for several years.

The company started losing its appeal after the massive imports of Greek coffee from the motherland.

Its price though remains a big plus for its loyal clientele.

It operates in AMAZON & EBAY (both US) in 1 lb tins only.

Venizelos Greek coffee  Greek coffee Venizelos

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Loumidis besides its Traditional classic brand (Green package) also carries a few other types of coffees.

They are also very favorable among the Greek population.

LOUMIDIS DARK (SKOUROS) is the dark roast version of the traditional (medium roast) brand. It comes in medium & small packages.

Loumidis dark Greek coffee Loumidis dark roast Greek coffee Loumidis dark Greek coffee uk Loumidis dark
Greek coffee Loumidis dark roast Papagalos Loumidis dark Greek coffee Loumidis dark Papagalos Loumidis dark coffee

LOUMIDIS ARCHONTIKOS (SPECIAL, RICH TASTE) is a medium roast variety with different coffee bean blend. Medium & small sizes only.

Loumidis archontikos Loumidis archontikos Greek coffee Loumidis special Greek coffee Greek coffee Loumidis archontikos
Loumidis rich taste coffee Archontikos Loumidis Greek coffee Loumidis archontikos uk

LOUMIDIS KOUPATOS (LUNGO/Double shot coffee) is a light roast ground coffee. It’s for people who enjoy big cups of coffee but without the extra… caffeine.

This coffee has all the taste of a regular Greek coffee. It is very common in the Greek coffee shops.

It doesn’t have anything to do with the decaf coffees.

In short, it’s just a lighter version for longer sipping enjoyment.

This brand is only available from EBAY. There are no sellers at AMAZON.

Loumidis koupatos Greek coffee Loumidis koupatos Greek coffee Loumidis koupatos Loumidis Greek coffee koupatos

Greek coffee

Trust the above choices. AMAZON & EBAY are full of sellers who try to promote Greek coffee at unbelievable prices.

Also, some of the so called “offers” are NOT deals at all. They are much more expensive than the single pack’s price!

If you are new to Greek coffee then order small quantities for your first trials.

When you decide what you like the most you can move to a higher quantity.


Small ground Greek coffee manufacturers

Below it’s your chance to discover some rare diamonds of Greek coffee.

Most of the following products of my Greek coffee store are only available to residents in certain areas of Greece.

They recently showed up at the online scene.

These are sellers who want to avoid the tremendous competition of the classic brands at supermarkets’ shelves.

Most of these Greek coffee manufacturers are operating in a neighborhood environment. People of a specific region know them well and of course they support them.

Because of lack of marketing strategies most of these coffees are not in the foreign supermarkets.

In general, the coffees below are for people who would like to get away from mass production products.

At this instant, it’s an excellent opportunity to try a unique brand from a neighborhood producer.

AB traditional Greek coffee AB dark Greek coffee AB organic Greek coffee
Fantis Gold Greek coffee Ouzounoglou Greek coffee Alta Gusto Greek coffee Neos Aroma Greek coffee
Dritsas Greek coffee Monte Santos Blue Greek coffee Monte Santos Green Greek coffee
Tsirogalakis Greek coffee Tsirogalakis Greek coffee uk Drakoulis traditional Greek coffee Drakoulis smyrnaikos Greek coffee

TIP: Above all, check the offered shipping. Most of the times can lead to unwanted price surprise!


NEKTAR Greek Coffee Line

Nektar is a 1980 family business from Argos, Greece.

In 2012 won the 1st Prize at the “The 100 Best” Products of the Year 2012.

The company started showing some of its coffee range at AMAZON & EBAY (both UK).

: Nektar is one of the few Greek coffee companies that carries ORGANIC coffee.

Nektar traditional Greek coffee Nektar dark Greek coffee Dark Greek coffee Nektar Nektar Organic Greek coffee
Greek coffee Dark Greek coffee Nektar Greek coffee uk


The medium size packs (around 8 oz) are the preference of the most Greek households. In reality, it’s a good size even for the heavy drinkers!

The coffee stays fresher for the longest possible period of time. 

The large packs are suitable for people who mostly consume this type of coffee as a stable coffee.

I don’t suggest them if you will let it sit there for a long time. Its aroma and flavor will diminish greatly.


Cyprus coffee – Greek ground coffee from a different place

Cypriot coffee is also a part of the Greek coffee store basic items.

The making procedure is the same in both countries but the roasting is a little different.

The taste of Cyprus coffee is something between Greek and Turkish flavor. Since both countries have a strong presence in the island, it’s not surprise at all!

The brands below are the most popular around the world.

Especially in the US, England and Australia which have large Cypriot communities.

Charalambous Greek Cyprus classic coffee Charalambous classic Cyprus coffee Charalambous Cyprus Greek coffee classic Charalambous classic Greek-Cyprus coffee
Charalambous Greek Cyprus coffee Charalambous gold package Cyprus coffee Charalambous Cyprus Greek coffee gold pack Charalambous gold Greek-Cyprus coffee
Charalambous Cyprus coffee Charalambous El Primero Cyprus coffee Charalambous Cyprus primium Greek coffee Charalambous premium Greek-Cyprus coffee
Laikon Cyprus coffee Laikon gold package Cyprus coffee Laikon Cyprus Greek coffee gold pack Laikon gold Greek-Cyprus coffee
Laikon silver package Cyprus coffee Laikon Cyprus Greek coffee silver pack Laikon silver Greek-Cyprus coffee


Decaffeinated Greek Coffee

A Greek coffee store without “health coffee” sounds a little odd nowadays.

Almost every major Greek coffee company has a version of decaffeinated coffee. Some of them don’t trade it online because of limited production.

It is not something favorable from the Greeks.

Due to health issues, events might lead you to this type of coffee. 

Be careful, when serving decaffeinated coffee.

Traditional Greek coffee drinkers will detect automatically the taste difference!

Below you can see the brands that are available from the online stores.

Loumidis decaf Greek coffee Loumidis decaffeinated Greek coffee Papagalos Loumidis decaf Greek coffee Decaf Greek coffee Loumidis
Nektar decaf Greek coffee Nektar decaffeinated Greek coffee Decaf Greek coffee Nektar Venizelos decaf Greek coffee
Charalambous decaf Cyprus coffee Charalambous Cyprus decaf coffee Cyprus Greek coffee Charalamous decaf Charalambous Greek Cyprus coffee decaf


Flavored Greek Coffee

As a matter of fact Greeks don’t use spices in their coffee.

The only exception is the mastic flavor, in a few areas though.  

Mastic, is very favorable in Greek pastry (mostly). Chios is the island that has mastic trees and exports the product to a lot of countries.

Recently, some companies entered the market suggesting an aromatic coffee with mastic.

While in mainland is not of high demand, abroad it has a respectful clientele.

 Mastic Greek coffee Greek coffee with Chios mastic flavor

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