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Greek Coffee Store – Online Place For Greek Ground Coffee 

Greek coffee storeGreek coffee store includes my suggestions for authentic Greek ground coffee from eBay.

My ultimate consideration is to help you out find the best Greek coffee brands available online. 

Price and shipping are also among my priorities when I find a suitable brand for my list.

The following list is NOT a default automatic one from the eBay Network.

I researched the catalogues extensively before finalizing this list. My long experience on Greek coffee making also assisted me a lot to pick up the best eBay available choices.

This specialty Greek coffee store will open new horizons in your online shopping. It will show you the heart of the best deals on Greek ground coffee.

  • 30+ eBay unique Greek coffee choices (various brands) that will positively surprise you.

ADVICE: Do you know how to make the perfect Greek coffee? If you are not sure then this is the correct time to take a look at my authentic recipe. Get all the necessary hints and tips in a single webpage.


Start your shopping journey by exploring the 2 most selling Greek brands globally.

(1) Loumidis (established since 1920). Have a look at their website to absorb many interesting facts about the history of coffee in Greece. Today it operates as a food distributor rather than just coffee manufacturer.

Greek coffee Loumidis papagalos Traditional Greek coffee Loumidis
Loumidis traditional Greek coffee Traditional Greek coffee papagalos Loumidis

(2) Bravo (established since 1923). It’s a very important coffee company which is responsible for the spreading of ready ground coffee to Greek households. In its comprehensive website you will taste sweet memories of the past as well as spectacular moments of our times.

Bravo classic Greek coffee Bravo Greek traditional coffee Greek ground coffee Bravo

TIP: Trust the above choices. eBay is full of sellers who try to promote Greek coffee at unbelievable prices. Also, some of the so called “offers” are NOT deals at all. They are much more expensive than the single pack’s price!

If you are new to Greek coffee then order small quantities for your first trials. When you decide what you like the most you can move to a higher quantity.

Loumidis besides its classic brands also carries a few other types of coffees. They are also very favorable among the Greek population.

Greek coffee Loumidis Arhontikos Greek ground coffee Loumidis Arhontikos Loumidis Arhontikos Greek coffee
Loumidis Koupatos Greek coffee Greek coffee Loumidis Koupatos Loumidis Koupatos Greek coffee
Loumidis dark roast Greek coffee Loumidis dark Greek coffee Greek coffee Loumidis dark roast

Loumidis also carries a decaffeinated coffee in eBay. (Unfortunately, sellers don’t have this type from other companies for taste comparison).

This type of coffee is not favorable among the Greek coffee consumers.

Due to health reasons though, it recently appeared in the market.

Traditional Greek coffee drinkers will detect automatically the taste difference!

Loumidis decaf Greek coffee Loumidis decaffeinated Greek coffee Loumidis decaf Greek coffee


Small ground Greek coffee manufacturers at EBAY

Below it’s your chance to discover some rare diamonds of Greek coffee.

Most of the following products of my Greek coffee store are only available to residents in certain areas of Greece.

They recently showed up at eBay from sellers who want to avoid the tremendous competition of the classic brands.

The coffees below are for people who would like to get away from mass production products. Excellent opportunity to try a unique brand from a neighborhood producer.

Alta Greek coffee Alta Greek ground coffee Alta Gusto Greek coffee

TIP: Always check the offered shipping. Most of the times can lead to unwanted price surprise!

Greek coffee Monte Santos green pack Greek coffee Monte Santos blue pack Dritsas Greek traditional coffee
Greek original ground coffee Super Greek coffee

The medium size packs (around 8 oz) are the preference of the most Greek households. Even for the heavy drinkers it’s a good size. The coffee stays fresher for the longest possible period of time. 

The large packs are suitable for people who mostly consume this type of coffee as a regular coffee. Not suggested if you will let it sit there for a long time. Its aroma and flavor will diminish greatly.


Cyprus coffee – Greek ground coffee from a different place

Cypriot coffee is also a part of the Greek coffee store basic items. The making procedure is the same in both countries but the roasting is a little different.

The taste of Cyprus coffee is something between Greek and Turkish flavor. Since both countries have a strong presence in the island, it’s not surprise at all!

The brands below are the most popular around the world. Especially in the US, England and Australia which have large Cypriot communities.

Laikon Greek Cyprus coffee Cyprus traditional coffee Laikou Cyprus coffee Laikou
Charalambous Cyprus coffee Charalambous Cyprus Greek coffee


Do you store your coffee in the right place?

Friis stainless steel coffee vaultThe appropriate storage of your ground coffee is extremely critical. If you want long lasting aroma you must take precautions as to where you will keep it.

You know that when you open your bag of coffee the staling takes place at once. The contact with the atmosphere’s oxygen will have a negative impact on its overall taste in a few days.

The correct procedure is to keep your coffee in a cool dark pantry or cabinet to keep its special qualities.

FORGET refrigerator storing. It was an old method. Today, experts proved that it was wrong. The moisture will change dramatically its flavor.

The best procedure to keep coffee’s original performance is to purchase an air-tight canister. This modern equipment vents away carbon dioxide that gathers in the can due to the roasting process during manufacturing.