Turkish Coffee Reading – Cup Symbols Telling Fortune

Turkish coffee readingTurkish coffee reading is a very popular ritual in the countries that favor this type of coffee in their daily life. You can check it out too, either for fun or serious approach.

Here you will find everything you need to know about the way that is done by a lot of professionals. Using the correct utensils also helps a lot in the creation of sharp unquestionable symbols.

So, relax and enjoy your coffee. And who knows, maybe you hold your future without knowing it…

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Turkish Coffee Readings – Coffee Grounds With Value

Fortune tellingTurkish coffee reading is a practice (started in Turkey in the 16th century) for interpreting residual coffee grounds in the cup and on the saucer.

Nowadays, Turkish coffee fortune telling is known as tasseography (or tasseomancy) [wikipedia article]. This type of coffee leaves thick, muddy sediment at the bottom of the cup. If you swirl the cup and turn it upside down the grounds will fall down leaving some patterns on the surface of the cup.

There are a lot of people who believe that images and shapes created in the coffee ground in contrast with the white color of the cup have predictable future happening meanings.

Coffee grounds’ meaning became available after decoding certain shapes that were created in the cups. An expert Turkish coffee fortune teller can look at these patterns and see special icons that suggest symbols which they relate to certain events.

The most important part of reading Turkish coffee grounds though is to interpret the impression and not just isolated symbols.

Turkish coffee reading is very popular in Turkey and Greece but also in the Arab world, Russia and Middle East countries. Each culture has its own rituals and traditions related to coffee prediction. Since religion is also involved through shapes into coffee cup readings, it is understandable that a few symbols are interpreted differently.

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Fortune Telling Turkish Coffee Brands and Utensils

For this type of fortune telling any Turkish coffee brand will perform coffee ground readings just fine. There is no special brand that any Turkish coffee reader uses specifically.

The traditional Turkish coffee recipe of making the coffee might change a little bit by adding an extra half teaspoon of ground coffee into the Turkish pot.

This small extra addition will create a thicker amount of grounds that is needed in the final practice of the Turkish coffee readings.

It is also very important to pour your coffee into a plain-white Turkish coffee cup or demitasse cup (espresso cups are suitable for this task as well).

The coffee shapes and patterns inside the coffee cup and on the saucer must be visible for accurate coffee cup fortune telling.

The unique Turkish coffee cups  are part of someone’s lifestyle and culture. Most of them though are not the best examples for coffee reading (exclusive handmade patterns, expensive porcelain).

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General Turkish Coffee Cup Reading rules

Turkish coffee readingPracticing Turkish coffee reading needs symbol knowledge, experience and intuition. Some people do it professionally but everyone can try it at least for fun.

Coffee readers are able to interpret the patterns in the coffee cup and tell the person about past, present and future happenings in his/hers life. Reading coffee cups regularly you will be soon able to recognize lots of the symbols and their meaning.

Below you can find the general rules that you must follow during Turkish coffee reading:

  • You shouldn’t interpret your own cup. (If you will do it just for practice though to learn how to read Turkish coffee, i.e. recognize symbols, then I guess it is OK).
  • You don’t give the same cup to another reader to double check the given reading. Have in mind that most of the professionals perform “whole impression” and not just cup reading symbols.
  • Turkish cup fortune telling always starts from the cup’s handle. You move from right to left if the person is right-handed or left to right for left-handed.

Photo (above) by ccarlstead / CC BY

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How to Read Turkish Coffee – The Cup Reading Preparation

Turkish coffee reading begins with the traditional cup preparation. The purpose of this procedure is to create readable cup and saucer patterns.

1. Relax and sip slowly your Turkish coffee from the same side of the cup.

NOTE: Leave at least one-sip liquid in order to help the sediments to get loose during the swirl process that follows coffee cup reading.

2. After the last sip make a personal wish.

NOTE: In Turkish coffee reading this aspect is very important. The reader will tell you if your wish will come true.

3. Place the saucer over the top of the cup (face on) to cover it. Make sure that is well sealed.

4. Hold the coffee cup set with your hands in front of your chest level.

Turkish coffee reading5. Make 3 horizontal circles clockwise. Your target is to move the sediment around and evenly spread it around the entire inside surface of the cup.

6. Turn the coffee cup set upside down (flip it) with a quick movement. This action will bring the sediments down to the saucer, leaving the necessary patterns that a coffee reader needs.

7. Pass the coffee cup set to the coffee fortune teller.

8. The reader leaves the cup for 5 to 10 minutes to drain completely and cool. The sediments will slowly slide in the saucer and will create the final patterns inside the cup.

  • If you are mostly interested to hear about your love life the reader usually asks you to put a ring on the back surface of the cup.
  • If the Turkish coffee reading session is about wealth then you put a coin on the back surface of the cup.

9. The cup reader returns you any object that you have put on the cup. Then he/she tries to gently separate the cup from the saucer and let excess sediments to slide out from the handle side of the cup.

  • If a big chunk of the coffee grounds falls down on the saucer then it is taken as the first positive sign of your reading. “Trouble and worries are leaving you”.
  • If the fallen ground forms a pile then “Money will come to you soon”.
  • If cup and saucer cannot be separated easily and the reader can lift the cup-saucer set as one unit, it is called a “Prophet’s cup”. (Meaning: You don’t need to proceed with reading. “All your wishes will come true!” Most of the readers though will proceed with the reading regardless of that…).

10. The coffee reader overturns the cup and holds it upright. The created shapes inside the cup and the saucer as well are considered having some meanings. Turkish coffee reading begins…

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Turkish Coffee Reading – The Cup Division Approach

Turkish coffee reading has a lot of aspects to consider. One of the most important of them is where in the cup positive and negative signs are located.

Coffee grounds fortune telling professionals pay significant attention to where symbols appear on the cup. They develop personal preferences but most of them stick to one method only.

Coffee cup readers follow their own pattern of reading cup sections. Below you can check the 5 major categories that you can divide a cup for fortune telling:

Turkish coffee reading(1) 5-section Turkish coffee reading cup

The cup is divided in the middle but there are also three important areas that determine the quality of a symbol; handle area, front rim and bottom area.

  1. Left area = Present time
  2. Right area = Future time
  3. Handle area = Love life related events
  4. Front rim area = Wealth matters
  5. Bottom cup area = Home and family affairs

Turkish coffee reading(2) 4-section Turkish coffee reading cup

From the cup’s handle imagine two lines, one horizontal and one vertical that divide the cup into four sections.

  1. Vertical axis – Right = Positive events
  2. Vertical axis – Left = Negative events
  3. Horizontal axis – Up = Near future
  4. Horizontal axis – Down = Long future

(3) 2-section Turkish coffee reading cup

The cup is divided into 2 sections from the handle of the cup.

  1. Left = Past and near present concerning your home. Here you can also see symbols which will be interpreted as good things (positive area).
  2. Right = Future (very soon) events mostly concerning the Out-Of-Home environment. It is also considered as a negative area with evil things.

(4) Rim-bottom Turkish coffee reading pattern.

  1. Close to the rim = Present or near present.
  2. Bottom = Future happenings.

Turkish coffee reading(5) 3-horizontal parts Turkish coffee reading cup

The cup is divided into 3 parts and every part plays its role when a symbol appears there.

  1. Top = Future approaching events
  2. Middle = Present status
  3. Bottom = Past situations, mostly related with home, family and relationships

Other important aspects for consideration with any of the above categories while reading coffee grounds:

    • SIZE of symbol. The big ones have greater importance than the small, almost invisible ones. For example: Big symbols near the top = “Something important will happen very soon…
    • NEAR or AROUND THE HANDLE symbols. Events that will occur in the person’s house or love life.

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Turkish Coffee Reading Symbols – How to Read Coffee Fortune

Turkish coffee reading symbols are shapes with various meanings. Some of them though receive global acceptance by coffee symbol interpreters worldwide.

It is true that two different readers can interpret the same cup in a diverse way. In Turkish fortune telling there is no right or wrong. Every reader has a unique way of seeing shapes in the cup. His or her talent to interpret them and weave them to a concrete conclusion makes the difference.

Professional coffee readers divide Turkish coffee fortune reading into two parts:
(1) Saucer & (2) Cup
Both of them must be checked in order to consider a Turkish coffee reading session as completed.

The Saucer
It represents the person’s home. Saucer signs give a lot of explanations about private or love life.

The Cup
It represents the person’s out-of-home activities. Cup signs concentrate mostly in answers about business, work or investments as well as evil eye. Of course, it can also tell family and friendship affairs.

The starting point of Turkish cup reading

Turkish coffee reading starts with the color of the grounds in the cup.

    • Light color means that the wish made in the starting process will be fulfilled.
    • Dark color means wish-failure.

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How to Read Coffee Grounds on Saucer

Turkish coffee readingIn order to be able to read the coffee grounds on the saucer you need a minor preparation. Swirl the saucer for even layering sediments and drain into the cup.

Before pouring the content you make a wish. During pouring you also save the last drop of the grounds and you hold the saucer vertically. This drop will start falling at the back.

  • If it makes a long trail then your wish will come true, short one means failure.

The shapes on saucer can be interpreted exactly as of the cup but due to a large surface the creations are less clear.

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The Symbols in Turkish Coffee Fortune

Turkish coffee readingA lot of people are interested in coffee symbolism. The symbols in Turkish coffee fortune are not clear pictures or well illustrated shapes.

They are mixed in grounds and your vision and imagination is a critical part to bring them out. The interpretation will come afterwards. There are a lot of coffee fortune telling symbols which are self explanatory though.
Examples:heart” means love; “purse” means money; “ring” means marriage.

  • DO NOT try to interpret just isolated symbols. The surroundings of the symbol are also very important in determining its correct meaning.

Every reader has his/her own technique for coffee cup reading symbols.

Basic rules:

1. OBSERVE for a while
3. INTERPRET the symbol.

In order to become a good Turkish coffee cup reader you need intuition (which is mostly a charisma) and also excellent knowledge of the meanings of coffee symbols that are formed into the cup. Needless to say, that the logical link of symbols’ meanings is crucial in order to have the anticipating success.

If you are interested to see how actual images of certain objects look like in the sediments of a Turkish coffee cup you can check a board that I created on Pinterest.

You will find plenty of real photos taken from people who contacted me for interpreting their cups.

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Turkish Coffee Fortune Telling Symbols – Short List

Building an ultimate and true list of Turkish coffee reading symbols is extremely difficult. Most of them have a few illustrations and more than one meaning.

Universal symbol meaning:

  • Letters of alphabet can mean initials of: someone’s name (could be an enemy as well) or place.
  • Numbers can be interpreted as dates, time or age.

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Below you can check 30 of the most known Turkish coffee symbols.

1. Ring: Marriage, new love affair 16. Broken ring: Divorce, separation
2. Square: Happy marriage, new home 17. Flag: Danger at home, business
3. Bow: Happy event, engagement 18. Gun: Argument
4. Door: Opportunities coming up 19. Knife: Break up with friend / lover
5. Bird: Good news 20. Raven/Crow: Bad news
6. Mermaid: Business & Love success 21. Mountain: Obstacles
7. Moon (full): Love 22. Volcano: You are out of control
8. Moon (crescent): Good luck 23. Claw: Enemy around
9. Angel: Protection, good news 24. Devil: Danger ahead
10. Palm tree: Wealth, vacation 25. Coffin: Death, severe illness
11. Flower: Happiness 26. Rope: Bad illness
12. Spider: Money coming to you 27. Mosquitoes: Beware of enemies
13. Nest: Pregnancy 28. Nail: Injustice, dissatisfaction
14. Fish: Career achievement 29. Octopus: Risk warning
15. Dog: True friendship, faithful person 30. Cat: Argument, wrong friendship

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NOTE: If you are interested to check out my FREE “200+ Turkish coffee cup reading symbols list”, please contact me. I will email it to you.

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Reading Turkish Coffee Final Step

Reading Turkish coffee will end with a call from the coffee reader to stamp the grounds of the cup with your finger. The created symbol will represent your personality.

The process:
Insert your right thumb at the bottom of the cup. Twist it gently clockwise. It will create new images in the cup. These shapes will be interpreted as part of your character focusing on feelings and thoughts.

Divider line graphics.NOTE: If you are interested to have a Turkish coffee reading by EMAIL, please contact me for details.

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  1. Thanks.after too much saerching finally i read something useful.i enjoy it.thank you very much

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  3. An accurate coffee cup reading. I have suspected that there were jealous people around me and an enemy close by, also predicted a pay rise – this is true. About my love life – there is someone I like and the reading was all positive, a new love has entered my life.
    Thank you very much Mario. Will contact you again after 6 months.

    1. Thanks Jenny for your compliments. I’m happy that I succeeded giving you some insight to your life.

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