Coffee Production from Beans to Ground Coffee 

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Coffee production is the second chapter in our coffee education attempt. Our intention is to present to our visitors the most remarkable information on the subject.

Coffee production is separated in two phases. The first one has to do with the production of the actual raw material. This is the coffee bean procedure. The second one is the manufacturing of the various types of ground coffee for the end users.



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Coffee production starts with the cultivation of coffee plants. This procedure involves physical phenomena. Climate, weather conditions and soil are very important. They determine which countries may be suitable to cultivate the coffee tree. Not all of the Earth’s soil is appropriate to grow coffee trees. The coffee plant needs a tropical environment. Around 70 countries are located in this zone in our planet.

Take a glance at those countries in our Coffee Producing Countries webpage. Learn the most important of them as well as their region. Find out some basic statistical information on coffee production. Discover the unique coffee beans that a few people afford to buy.


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Coffee production besides climate and soil factors also contains advance cultivating methods. Coffee tree farmers experiment on new coffee varieties that might yield higher production and income to them.  The coffee cherries must be transformed to coffee beans. These raw green coffee beans will then be sold to end product manufacturers. These factories will continue processing coffee beans to a supermarket’s shelf coffee.

Our detailed and yet simple Coffee Harvesting webpage will uncover to you a lot of information. All the basic things you should know about producing coffee beans. The trip starts from nursery plantations and ends up to coffee beans in bags.


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The manufacturing plants will then proceed with raw coffee beans. They are responsible for roasting then grinding them. The creation of the final product comes up through marketing policies. Any type of the produced coffee must fit in their product line range.

The Coffee Manufacturing webpage of our site gives you all the needed knowledge. Splitting the general subject in three sections is able to target on valuable details. Coffee roasting, grinding and packaging are revealed as simple as possible.

Coffee production and the two most important coffee plants, Arabica and Robusta, used by farmers is an issue of interest for many people who try to understand their differences and why Arabica is considered as the bean of quality coffee.


Exploring the Arabica vs Robusta webpage you will find a lot of answers regarding the importance of each specie type in coffee production. 

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