Demitasse Coffee Cups-Saucers Best Buying Choices

Demitasse coffee cups-saucers specialty store will help you finding the best choices to serve traditional Israeli coffee.

A collection of 6 demitasse  coffee cups-saucers is a MUST priority for any person who plans to serve this type of coffee. It shows to guests, professionalism and knowledge.

My proposal here is an alternative way of serving Israeli coffee without strictly using religious or cultural patterns on the set.  The items are not related to any culture.

The designs are neutral, decorative patterns. The shape though is still proper for serving the coffee traditionally.

All choices are from the Espresso cup category. That means that the cups are also suitable for other small quantity coffee styles.

Most people use them interchangeably. The plain white choices are just a reminder that they are very popular among Israeli coffee drinkers as a home utensil. 

If you are looking for the best price equipment for serving Israeli coffee then this is it. In a lot of households those are the everyday demitasse cups-saucers they use. Some of them could easily become the special occasions’ set as well.

I tried to give you variations in designs as well as price depth. Needless to say, that these demitasse cups-saucers are the most selling items for everyday coffee serving worldwide.


Demitasse cups-saucers sizes


The standard size of the cup is about 2.5″ high and 2″ diameter. It can hold 2-2.5 fl. oz. / 60-75 ml. of coffee. Even though there is a tendency for larger sizes 2.5-3 fl. oz / 80-100 ml. the correct size is the first one. The second choice would be fine if you use extra ground coffee during the making process.

Otherwise you will end up with a thin layer of foam or… without any of it. 


The standard size of the saucer is about 4 - 4.5″ diameter. For artistic reasons though, you can find it in many other sizes and shapes. 

The following demitasse cups-saucers are ALL sets of 6 items (meaning 6 cups & 6 saucers). The AMAZON given price might change according to inquire shipping.

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