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Greek coffee cups and espresso cups belong to the same tableware category. They are called “demitasse cups” (french for “half cups”).

These special cups can present small amount of strong coffee such as Greek coffee or espresso.

The Greek households’ first choice of serving coffee is the plain white cup. The second choice could be any small cup but with a contemporary design; ranging from simple Greek key band to floral and other modern art ideas.


Greek coffee cups in everyday life and special occasions

white cup cofThe traditional Greek coffee cups are thick pure white. They are everywhere in Greece; from coffee shops to taverns and households.

AMAZON does not carry this specific cup. Instead you can check my white espresso cups webpage. 

Greek coffee cups with ancient motifs/patterns or hand-painted ones with folk scenes or islands’ landscapes are mostly part of the souvenir kiosks’ collections. 

In regular households you will find cups with small touches of the Greek culture. The “heavy” ones are usually a part of a house showcase or for serving very special people. 


Greek coffee cup size


The standard size of the Greek cup is about 2.5″ high and 2″ diameter. It can hold between 2 and 2.5 fl. oz. (60-75 ml.) of coffee.

Nowadays, a lot of tableware manufacturers produce larger demitasse cup sizes 2.5 to 3 fl. oz. (80-100 ml.). If you will acquire this set type then don’t forget to raise the dosage of the ground coffee by at least half a teaspoon.


The standard size of the saucer is about 4″ to 4.5″ diameter. For artistic reasons though, you can find it in many other sizes and shapes. 


Where to buy Greek coffee cups

Below you can check demitasse cups which are sometimes labeled as espresso cups but they are suitable for Greek coffee.

The purpose of this collection is to show variety, design and most of all reasonable prices.

The store is divided into 3 sections for easy navigation:

  • Greek theme espresso cups
  • Greek households favorable sets of 6
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Greek theme espresso cups


Greek households favorable sets of 6


Greek households favorable sets of 4


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