Turkish Coffee Cups-Saucers – The Ultimate Store

Turkish coffee cups-saucers specialty store is a unique place for authentic Turkish demitasse cups.

Not just any espresso style demitasse cups but cups that carry on them the Turkish culture.

Here you will find the best deal choices that cover every budget. But mostly treasures that carry a lot of Turkish history on them.

In case you are interested in learning the details of Turkish cups-saucers this article can help you out.
I wrote it in a separate webpage for those who appreciate learning experiences.
You will also find lots of information on how to take good care of your cup sets.

My store consists of 3 main parts:
(1) Single porcelain sets
(2) Sets of 2, 3 or 6 porcelain cups and saucers
(3) Ottoman style sets

Are these cups proper for fortune telling purposes ? “NO!”

You need plain white porcelain (I couldn’t find any except for one item). If you are here for this kind of cups, then you can take a look at my plain white demitasse cups webpage.

All the items that I present here come from Turkey. Meaning that related industries of Turkey produce them and sellers promote them in online stores.

In order to give variation in price and designs I investigated AMAZON and EBAY.

So, the best of them are here for you to shop.

There is no need to fall into any kind of pitfall searching in these stores. Without the necessary knowledge on the subject is extremely difficult to pick the right set.

I checked every single item before I place it here.

My primary goal is to make it easier to find what is suitable for everyone.

Single Porcelain Sets Of Turkish Coffee Cups-Saucers

If you are looking for authentic, single set of Turkish coffee cups, then you are in the right place.

Now you can serve Turkish coffee in a real utensil of motherland’s culture.

The items here come from the two most famous Turkish porcelain manufacturers: Kutahya and Gural.

The designs on the cups and saucers are unique and come straight from traditional elements of the Ottoman artwork.

But why single sets? For a simple reason; you can create your own Turkish cup collection.

There are people who collect them in different designs and shapes. And when they serve Turkish coffee the presentation results a colorful scene you cannot imagine.

Another thing to have in mind; these items are RARE opportunities.

Turkish porcelain industries don’t sell single sets of cup and saucers but collections of 2, 3 or 6. These sets usually come in gift boxes or promotional cases.

This leads to a conclusion that the seller bought them as sets and then separated them in singles.

As you can notice this part of the store is strictly AMAZON’s territory. There are no sellers on EBAY (at least with this kind of variety-quality).

I have spent a lot of time searching in both stores. It’s true that I found and some other non-authentic Turkish cups-saucers. They just couldn’t fit in the philosophy of this store.

At the end I decided to give you the following 16 choices from AMAZON.

Porcelain Sets Of Turkish Coffee Cups-Saucers

Instead of the expensive singles you can buy a set of Turkish cups-saucers at a more reasonable price.

The items here range from plain ones to Turkish culture patterns from monuments or mosques.

A collection always shows professionalism and knowledge of the particular subject.

And I am not going to show you the “fortune cost items”.

Would you spend more than $100 for a handmade, Kutahya/Gural Turkish coffee cup set for 6?
If the answer is “YES!”, then you can check this AMAZON page.
It’s got them all. Sure they are darned cute! Too bad they are ONLY for upper income people…
For Turkish people (not only the rich) this is a regular set though for extra special occasions. There are also people who just use them for decorative reasons in unique cases.

My section of the store with porcelain sets is more middle class oriented.

First of all, their production in Turkey guarantees authenticity; second emphasizes quality; and third presents Turkish culture.

You can see most of these sets in many Turkish kitchens for regular use.

They are also the preference of many coffee shops in Turkey.

This strongly promotes the coffee image of the motherland which is a very strong issue indeed.

My research ended with more than 10 choices that will completely satisfy you.

If you want identity for your Turkish coffee then you should consider one of these sets. Their price is not restrictive at all.

Ottoman Style Copper Turkish Coffee Cups-Saucers

These are the “purest” Turkish culture cups-saucers. One of a kind coffee cups that show exactly the serving level of your Turkish coffee.

It is understandable that they were the first utensils that people used in serving coffee the old times.

That’s why they are also very famous at recent times. They carry tradition as well as Islamic religion importance.

No doubt that they are a MUST utensil not only in Turkish households but also among many Turkish coffee lovers.

Ottoman cups combine copper artwork and a plain porcelain insertion.

The motifs, patterns and the designs in general come from the Ottoman Empire period. There is also a strong influence from the Islamic representative art.

My store collection is targeting on single items only.

The reason is that I have another store with full Turkish coffee serving sets (tray, cups, saucers, pot etc.).

The emphasis is on authentic creations again.

Copper is very popular in Turkish coffee utensils especially for pots. That means experienced workmanship is more than present here as well.

Cups and saucers were just an addition to that.

For extra luxurious cups you can buy a cup that has Swarovski crystals as an extra decoration. They are also very adorable and very useful for special occasions.

Below you can check what I found in AMAZON and EBAY. There are more than 25 unique choices.