Turkish Coffee Pots – Unique Specialty Store 

I created this specialty store with Turkish coffee pots for people searching for authentic Turkish coffee making utensils.

It has around 80 choices in 4 categories: copper, decorated copper, stainless steel and electric.

Please note that here I only cover items made in Turkey.

For full learning experience on Turkish coffee pots check my comprehensive cezve/ibrik webpage.

Of course, by visiting AMAZON & EBAY you can find similar products. Maybe in better prices as well.

But how many of them are from Turkey? And if they are, is their price the right one?

No question that a lot of people care seriously about these issues. In my particular store you have the answers in one webpage.

The Turkish coffee pots’ arrangement is also very easy for navigation. Especially if you know what kind of pot you are looking for.

As you know, they are indeed the most essential equipment for Turkish coffee brewing. You can use this link to grab my 6-step Turkish coffee recipe.

Before your buying decision there is ONE basic issue you have to decide upon firstly.

The VOLUME of the pot is the number one priority that you must figure out.

Forget sizes (small-medium-large etc.) and cup capacities; every seller has different cup issue most of the times.

Concentrate on Ounces or Milligrams, depending where you live. This is the MOST accurate pot size configuration.

Begin by checking the volume size of your Turkish cups (some espresso cups are also a good choice).

Turkish coffee cups have a volume range from 2 oz (60 ml) up to 4 oz (120 ml).

It depends on the cup manufacturer and sometimes the particular design of the cup.

Lastly, don’t forget that you need at least an extra ounce (30 ml) space for foam rising room.

Copper Turkish Coffee Pots From Turkey

Copper Turkish coffee pots are the number one selling equipment in the Turkish coffee making category.

They are very favorite utensils not only in Turkish culture but also among the professionals (baristas/coffee shop owners).

Believe it or not, these items are very difficult to choose in online stores such as AMAZON & EBAY.

The descriptions are full of pitfalls and the inexperienced customers always buy the wrong product.

To put it in another way, you have to guess a lot of things about the product.

The sellers don’t provide all the essential information. There is no doubt that they have a reason for doing that!

Before I decided to show a copper Turkish coffee pot I looked for the following two properties:

(1) Country of origin. ALL the products here come from Turkey which is a very strong quality point.

(2) The thickness of the copper. The cheap ones are using the standard mass manufacturing thickness of 0.5 mm. These items MUST fall into the low price category, otherwise I consider them rip-offs.

Strong suggestion: Since copper Turkish coffee have tin inside (some of them and outside) please ask the seller if the item is “Lead free”. Tin is expensive so manufacturers tend to mix it with lead, which is a hazard to your health.

Now that you know what makes a great copper Turkish coffee pot, you can start browsing around.

If you have the budget for an expensive, thick one, then go for it! It will last for a very long time.

But if you’re a normal-money conscious person then look for the options I give you. They are the BEST in quality-price comparison.



Important Safety Measures For Copper Turkish Coffee Pot

  • DO NOT boil it dry.
  • DO NOT place it in a dishwasher. Rinse with tap water without any detergent. Let your pot absorb coffee aromas and flavors.
  • DO NOT use metallic utensils to stir your coffee. Use only wood or plastic spoons.
  • DO NOT use steel wool or abrasive pads that could scratch it.
  • DO NOT use it if you see that the tin wears out. Re-tin it or buy a new one.

Please also check this webpage here for full instructions on how to take care of copper-ware.

Decorated Copper Turkish Coffee Pots

Are you looking for artistic Turkish coffee making utilities?

In this section of my store you will find them.

Decorated Turkish coffee pots that are just pieces of art but the Turkish artisans made them for everyday use.

Each of these unique copper pots takes firstly its shape (usually by hand hammering activity).

After the polishing and the inside tinning starts the decoration of the pot; painting, glazing, engraving etc.

They also are the perfect gift for those who appreciate a touch of Turkish culture in their coffee making process.

I thoroughly searched AMAZON and EBAY in order to find them. Not because that are rare items but of their high price value.

The following outstanding Turkish coffee pots are beautifully crafted, hand painted and decorated with colorful glazes.

They are unquestionably exceptional from the artistic point of view to say the least.

Some people love them so much that don’t like to make coffee in there! They just have them as gorgeous, attractive decorative items in their kitchens.

They are actually premium Turkish coffee pots so they will cost more than the regular copper pots. That’s understandable of course but most definitely worth the price.

They don’t need any special taking care attention in order to retain their valuable designs.

Just hand-wash and dry them thoroughly.

And a quick word of caution: all these Turkish coffee pots are 100% handcrafted. Due to this fact you have to take some irregularities as a normal incident. You can rarely catch two identical items.

I am sure you will find great value in a lot of the choices I give you below.

Making Sure That You Have Got A Quality Turkish Coffee Pot

When you receive your Turkish coffee pot check these points to ensure a trouble-free product:

  • Handle must not wobble. Rivets that secure the handle shouldn’t be loose.
  • Leakage does not occur (especially from the handle area).
  • Even coating of tin inside (copper/brass pots) without bubbles or other marks.
  • Bottom balance (hand-made copper pots). As a hand-made product slight imperfections are acceptable. Check though the balance of your pot when empty and fix it accordingly if it is slightly off.

Stainless Steel Turkish Coffee Pots Made In Turkey

Stainless steel Turkish coffee pots are also very favorable among Turkish population.

Here we are talking about excellent quality of stainless steel utensils.

You just cannot compare them with the cheap products of the Eastern Asian countries.

The Turkish manufacturers know all the details of a Turkish coffee pot. And in this case they just transfer their knowledge to a non-conventional medium.

As you can see in my collection the items resemble the copper Turkish pots.

Some of the choices are identical to the shape and function of the traditional copper utensils.

If your intention is to use them as “butter warmers” or “milk frothing utensil”, then buy a decanter. Don’t but Turkish coffee pots for that.

Anyway they are more expensive to say the least.

Here, the main objective is to help you create descent Turkish coffee.

The majority of them come on a stand in a group of 3 different sizes.

As you already know size differentiation is a MUST in Turkish coffee brewing.

Detail and craftsmanship are present here as well.

They are machine washable and very easy to care.

Alright, so you might wonder what all the fuss is with stainless steel Turkish coffee pots. Why do they matter so much?

There are a lot of people who do not use copper utensils for health reasons.

So, now they have a choice to replace copper with stainless steel and have the same attractive equipment. Not to mention the quality level of their Turkish coffee.

Price is not a barrier for buying this type of Turkish coffee maker. Some high quality with advance designs might be a bit expensive.

Get the one that functions better with your budget, lifestyle and personality.

Electric Turkish Coffee Pots Manufactured In Turkey

Modern times also entered the production line of Turkish coffee making utensils as well.

A decade ago nobody would accept an electric Turkish coffee pot as a replacement of the traditional copper pot.

Today almost every Turkish household owns one of them. And they don’t hide it in order to avoid negative words.

Of course Turkish people also carry the classic equipment for ritual cases. But with lots of people around waiting for Turkish coffee you need that helping… hand.

Making traditional Turkish coffee in an electric pot requires some experience in order to achieve good results.

Most critical issue for me is the foam control.

Using electric pot you have to understand this; you might remove the pot from the base but the pot retains the same heat for several seconds.

So, you MUST remove it (or switch off) as soon as you see the starting ring of the foam. Otherwise you will see a big overflow all over.

The foam will continue rising as in regular procedure. Then it will stop as soon as the appliance’s heat settles down.

The point here is to find out the proper programming for switching the pot off and on.

Each machine will have a slight different timing (watts matter here).

A few experiments will show you the proper path to follow.

In this part of my Turkish coffee pots’ store you will find some of the best electric Turkish coffee makers. Check them out.

ESSENTIAL NOTE : The items below are for 220-240 Volts outlets. USA, Canada, Japan etc. use 100-120 Volts. Prospective buyers from these countries need an appropriate converter.