Turkish Coffee Set

Turkish Coffee Set for an Upgraded Serving Event

Turkish coffee setA Turkish coffee set is a product of tableware manufacturers.

Most of them are specializing in the production of chinaware for Turkish style coffee.

The purpose of this set is for an advance coffee serving. It enables households to show wealth and culture. The set also shows the respect that the household carries to a special guest.  

A Turkish coffee set is an optional Turkish coffee utensil. (The MUST have are the brewing pot and the demitasse cups).

In other words you can make a serve your Turkish coffee without using it. And the reason is that less expensive means can also do the job. 

The traditional Turkish coffee recipe calls for demitasse cups in order to serve the coffee.

You might not need a Turkish coffee set if you already have an adequate Turkish coffee cup set. 

This kind of set is not for an everyday usage. Usual friends are not the guests for such a utensil. It requires a special person or event in order to make its appearance. 

The definition of a Turkish coffee set

Turkish coffee setA Turkish coffee set is a combination of different utensils of high esteem and design.

The standard set includes Turkish coffee cups with saucers and the accompanied tray.

Extra additions include a candy bowl, a water glass holder or a Turkish coffee pot. Set coordinators add them as a plus touch to the set.

A few manufacturers though add a matching coffee making pot and / or glasses.

You can use it to serve people of an important gathering that happens in the house.

The manufacturers of these items create very distinguished sets with different price variations and presentation themes. 

It usually comes as a  set for 6 people or sometimes as a single one.

It is mostly a symbol of wealth and advance cultural appreciation.

The materials of a Turkish coffee set

The making materials of Turkish coffee sets are usually metal or porcelain. Both of them have excellent craftsmanship, exclusive handmade motifs and superior aesthetic sense. 

Below you can check them in online stores.

Turkish coffee set  Turkish coffee set  Turkish coffee set Turkish coffee set

The Turkish households usually own at least one set. Nowadays, these sets have an increasing demand as gifts. People from Turkey are giving them to different culture friends. They are reminders either of the motherland or as a cultural sign of Turkish coffee.

The most common metal sets could have materials such as tinned copper, nickel plated copper or solid brass. 

The porcelain sets are mostly from the famous region of K├╝tahya in Turkey.  There is no doubt that are pieces of art!